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Ministers Message 


Phil 4:13 : "I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength".

Most times it would feel like your strength is small as you fight all sorts of battle that life throws at you. You owe it to yourself and to posterity to fight and to find out why the devil is intent on making life difficult for you. Why is the battle so intense ? What is it that the enemy has seen in you that you haven't ?. Might there be a skill, a talent or jem hidden in there that the devil doesn't want the world to see or experience. As long as he can convince you that you're a nobody and that you do not have what it takes to reach your dream, then he'll always keep you down. Solomon said : I have seen servants on horses and Princes walking ..." Eccl 10:7. AS for me in my day, I have seen eagles fight for food with chickens. Those who were created with the might to fly, scratching muddy grounds for worms with chickens and ducklings. Wings that were meant to be spread out over trees and mountains, spread out instead over pillows and duvets, no double pillows and duvets. Oh how are the mighty fallen, wake up from your slumber o mighty men & women of valour. Shake yourself and rouse yourself once more, for the battle is no yet over until......The good Lord says so.
In Luke 22:31 &32, Jesus says to Simon Peter, - Satan has an agenda for your life and presented it at a meeting to which you were not party. Simon Peter - I was there at the meeting says Jesus. And I can tell you this ....You are far ahead on points (using the imagery of 2 boxers in a ring - interpretation & paraphrase -mine) . Jesus said - I have prayed for you ...that your faith will not fail ! In other words, when the bell for the next round goes , surmon all the will power and strength, if you have to , whatever you do don't throw in the towel, come charging out of your corner because you're ahead on points. 
From God's perspective...."the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former". See yourself through God's perfect vision. Go to Specsavers if you need to But don't count yourself out ! and don't throw in the towel. Take some time out if you need and get a breather if you need to. 
Remember, the devil is a thief (John 10:10) and he comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. In all my life, I have never seen an arm robber go to steal from the house of mad or worthless or "jambajastic man" - or someone who does not have anything. 
Donít buy into the voices of defeatism and settle for mediocrity.Your strength in Christ is BIG ! It is world-changing , life-shaping, & life-enhancing . Keep going till you make-it-over the mountain BIG time ! God lives in you & I ! Let's trust Him who believes in you & I more than anybody else. Shalom.






The Lord said: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

2 Chronicles 7:14

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